Baseball Tomorrow Fund



The Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) awards grants to non-profit and tax-exempt organizations involved in the operation of youth baseball and/or softball programs and facilities. Organizations operating in the U.S. and international locations are eligible to apply. To date, an average of 400 requests are received annually; approximately 10 percent are awarded grants. Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis.

  • Grants are intended to provide funding for incremental programming and facilities for youth baseball and softball programs, not for normal operating expenses or as a substitute for existing funding or fundraising activities.
  • The funds may be used to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth baseball or softball programs.
  • Grants are designed to be flexible to enable applicants to address needs unique to their communities.

More information regarding the evaluation criteria and use of grant funds can be found in the Grant Application section.

Grant Review Process

Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis after a thorough and selective review process. Please review the following timeline before submitting a request:

Review Cycle The last date a request may be submitted for consideration during the Review Cycle Requests Are Approved in this month* If approved, the grant payment process takes place in this month**
January-March January 1 April May
April-June April 1 July August
July-September July 1 October November
October-December October 1 January February

*Subject to change. Grants will not be approved prior to this month and may be delayed under special circumstances.

**This is the estimated time frame in which grant payments are disbursed. Grant funds will not be available to the recipient prior to this month. The grant payment process takes at least four weeks after the request is approved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Grant funds are not awarded for past orders, work or expenditures. Please review the following examples:

Example 1: Your organization submits a request for the January-March review cycle. The request to BTF is for funding to purchase uniforms and equipment. You plan to place an order for uniforms and equipment in February. Your request will not be considered by BTF.

Example 2: Your organization plans to begin a field renovation project in September. Your organization submits a request for the July-September review cycle. Your request to BTF includes funding for site work scheduled from September-October as well as other work that follows. Your request to fund the site work will not be considered by BTF.

For more information or to begin the application process, please proceed to the Grant Application section.