Baseball Tomorrow Fund

Grant Recipient Feedback

"BTF made it possible for us to save money on batting cage fees. As a result, we were able to put more effort towards player retention and coach training."

"Because of BTF funding of a synthetic turf field the use of the field was extended by about a month, 35% more days of play were accommodated. The quality of the field, the ability to have a girls’ softball camp and more games -thanks to the portable pitcher's mound and the extended season - increased boys' and girls' participation by 50%."

"Providing the league with the necessary maintenance equipment had a tremendous impact for all volunteers to perform the maintenance jobs with the right equipment and by this we were able to increase our volunteers."

"Funds from BTF has provided irrigation for playing field that has provided a safe environment with more participation and player retention."

"Our main field was called out in a major newspaper as one of the best in the region. Our participation is the highest it's been for 10 years. Our player retention is great!"

"Neighbors are much happier because lights are more focused on field and not affecting surrounding homes."

"Our complex has turned from a very dangerous complex to a very safe, well lit and completed complex. We get compliments from other towns all the time about our complex and BTF played a big part in that."

"Many of the children we serve do not have the resources to take part in Little League or other baseball programs which require fees, nor do they have the ability to pay for playing equipment. Our program fills this gap in service to low income level families and provides access to the great sport of baseball."

"Our student/athletes are now able to work with our schools coaching staff through the year and also have more effective practices. This has increased the retention of our students in our school and on our teams."

"Prior to the project, we had 230 kids playing Jr. RBI baseball and softball. This year, we had 637 kids playing baseball and softball!"

"The excitement of the girls’ program also led to the forming of a Women's Leadership Council lead by top female business leaders in Boston to help provide mentoring."

"The funding from BTF allowed our organization to install a safe playing surface for younger and inexperienced players."

"The grant from the BTF allowed volunteers to transform the field from a dilapidated, run down sand lot into a legitimate ballpark. Now there are benches for players to sit on, bleachers for fans, a fence to protect the player's benches. Not only has this strengthened current participation, it will also help attract new players from the community."

"The grant funds provided by BTF helped to provide new, safe, and 21st century equipment. This equipment, 7 years later, is still safe and dependable and continues to help keep as many kids playing as possible."

"Before we had this field, we struggled to get as many girls to participate as we would have liked. Previously, girls had to practice with the boys' baseball league. Many of the boys were older and had more baseball experience. Girls who were new to the sport were deterred by these fast pitches and accelerated level of play. With the new field, we were able to begin a softball league for girls and immediately had 30 participants. With their own space, the softball participants were able to learn the sport at a pace that was comfortable."