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November 2017 Issue
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Off-season Wrap Up – A Fall Field Maintenance Checklist
Experts In Your Field: Irrigation Systems Explained
The ability to have a consistent water supply is critical to proper field maintenance. Installing an irrigation system should be one of the highest priorities in any field renovation or construction. We asked Jim Laiche from The Toro Company, a BTF Preferred Provider, how to determine the right irrigation system for a field.

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New Budget Summary & Detailed Project Budget Forms Available
Writer's Workshop: New Budget Summary & Detailed Project Budget Forms Available

The Budget Summary and Detailed Project Budget are required documents in the BTF grant request. Before submitting a request, thorough planning, fundraising and gathering of written cost estimates must be completed before the Detailed Project Budget and Budget Summary can be completed properly. The required forms were recently modified. Learn how to complete the forms to ensure the submission of a complete request.
Grant Recipient Spotlight: Willis Sports Association - Learning to Grow

Willis Sports Association (WSA), Inc. in Vero Beach, Florida provides baseball and softball programs to underserved youth. WSA offers its participants ages 2-18 a variety of programs including a toddler program, the RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) league and enrichment program and the 4 M.E. Program. A $7,500 BTF grant helped WSA increase the number of players in its program by providing additional equipment and uniforms. Read about WSA's journey and future plans.
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