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BTF Insider - October 2016
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Experts In Your Field: Net Backstops - Advice from C&H Baseball
Experts In Your Field: Net Backstops – Advice from C&H Baseball
For over 45 years, C&H Baseball is widely considered the industry's most trusted name in baseball field equipment, backstop netting, and stadium padding design, production, and installation. C&H Baseball is where the professionals have turned since 1968 for their field equipment. As a BTF Preferred Provider, C&H Baseball offers this advice to organizations that are planning renovations or a new backstop system for youth and regulation baseball fields.

Writer's Workshop: Applicant Organizations and Non-profit Status
Writer's Workshop: Developing a Project Timeline

A well-planned project includes a detailed, feasible timeline. For the Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) – and any other grant-making organization – a clear, realistic timeline is a key element of a successful request. A project timeline, especially for renovation and construction projects, must take many things into consideration. Learn how to develop a solid timeline and strengthen your organization's request to BTF.
International Spotlight - French Baseball Federation
International Spotlight: Eagles Praha

Eagles Praha, located in Prague, is the largest baseball and softball club in the Czech Republic. Established in 1981, Eagles Praha provides year-round baseball and softball for players throughout Central Europe. Their membership consists of over 500 players, with 85% of their players under the age of 18. Its facility is considered the National Baseball Center, featuring two regulation baseball fields, three youth fields, a gymnasium and a clubhouse. Read how the organization got started and grew to become a leading international baseball organization.
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