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BTF Insider - June 2016
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Experts In Your Field: Infield Mixes and Conditioners
Experts In Your Field: Infield Mixes and Conditioners
Using proper infield mixes and conditioners is vitally important to the game as well as the safety of the playing surface. BTF reached out to Clayton Hubbs, Director of Operations at Stabilizer Solutions, a BTF Preferred Provider of infield mixes and conditioners. Read Clayton's advice here. You can also check out more info from J&D Turf, another BTF Preferred Provider, here.

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Writer's Workshop: Letters of Support
Writer's Workshop: Letters of Support

Letters of recommendation are extremely important for grant proposals. Letters provide valuable insight to the organization's ability, capacity, need and worthiness of a grant. Letters also demonstrate an organization's strong partnerships and impact in their local community. It is important to choose the appropriate individuals or organizations to write the letters of recommendation. For tips about obtaining letters of recommendation, click here.
International Spotlight - French Baseball Federation
International Spotlight

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund awards grants to organizations outside the United States to promote the games in new and emerging markets. To do so in the most effective, responsible and sustainable way, the BTF selection and evaluation process for grant requests from applicants outside of the U.S. and Canada has been adapted to better serve those applicants. Please note that our application criteria for international requests have recently changed. Read the current criteria here.
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