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May 2017 Issue
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Experts In Your Field: Soil Testing
Experts In Your Field: Soil Testing
Soil testing is a basic step of proper field maintenance and successful renovations. Pulling an infield mix sample is critical to determine the best approach when adding new infield mix to an existing infield. Pulling a sample is relatively easy. Jamie Mehringer, President of J&D Turf, a BTF Preferred Provider, teaches us how. Jamie recommends sending samples for testing by Turf and Soil Diagnostics.

Writer's Workshop: Setting Organization Goals
Writer's Workshop: Setting Organization Goals

Effective organizations have written goals that are developed and reviewed regularly. Goals put the organization's mission into action. Without written, communicated goals, an organization can easily get off track and lose focus on the organization's purpose. Kick-off productive planning sessions using our goal-setting outline and examples.
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Grant Recipient Spotlight: Ewing Township Little League's Fasolino Field

Ewing Township Little League, Inc. (ELL) in New Jersey owns and maintains Fasolino Field, a landmark of the township. With hard work from league volunteers and local companies, the once dilapidated field was made playable again in 2016. With the help of a $110,000 BTF grant, the league installed equipment from Musco Lighting, Inc., a BTF Preferred Provider, in time for the 2017 season. Read how ELL and Fasolino Field came back to life.
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