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BTF Insider - April 2016
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Experts In Your Field: BTF Preferred Providers
Experts In Your Field: BTF Preferred Providers
The Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) believes that safe, maintainable playing fields are a result of field renovation and construction projects with a smart scope-of-work, quality products and expert services.

This year, BTF announced a new resource to help organizations planning field-related projects: the "BTF Preferred Providers" list. This list includes the most trusted companies in the industry that provide expert consultation and quality products and services.

The BTF Preferred Provider list may be used by any organization, regardless of status or involvement with BTF. Organizations may contact a preferred provider to receive consultation, cost estimates or to purchase products and services. Learn more about BTF Preferred Providers.

Companies interested in becoming a BTF Preferred Provider may send an inquiry to
Writer's Workshop: Budget Summary & Detailed Project Budget
Writer's Workshop: Budget Summary & Detailed Project Budget

Thorough planning and fundraising must be completed by potential applicants prior to submitting a request to BTF. The Budget Summary and Detailed Project Budget are two very important documents in the evaluation process and must be completed accurately in order for the request to be considered for funding. Learn how to complete these documents using our tutorial.
International Spotlight - French Baseball Federation
International Spotlight - Austrian Baseball Federation

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund has awarded 30 grants to organizations operating outside the U.S. to encourage the growth of the game in new and emerging markets. This month, our international spotlight is focused on the Austrian Baseball Federation and their construction of a new youth baseball field used to facilitate the growth of their school program. We asked Rainer Krankl, Vice President of Finances at Austrian Baseball Federation, about their new field.

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